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Bo-Kate Wisby’s back, and she’s done cut off your father’s extra fingers.

Curnen had passed through the rest of Berklee’s phone call in a daze, but that one sentence had stuck fast, and it circled round and round in her head. Bo-Kate Wisby. Bo-Kate Fucking Wisby. The bitch shouldn’t even have been able to get back to Cloud County, let alone done something that caused so much damage. But then… the writing had been on the wall for a year. Ever since Rob had sung Rockhouse’s dying dirge. Ever since Curnen herself had torn Rockhouse’s throat out with her teeth. It had been only a matter of time.

And she couldn’t even say she hadn’t felt it coming. Every time she played or sang, she had had to fight harder and harder to keep from singing or playing “Edward” yet again. Even now, the song was pressing against her mind. It was the only thing she could hear, it was the only song that would come out. The night wind had been crescendoing from a whisper to a roar at her for the better part of a week.

It would happen tonight. She knew it. But she wasn’t fully ready to admit what it was. Only that she couldn’t go home tonight. Her roommates were humans, they wouldn’t understand.

Winter and Phouka? She couldn’t bring this kind of darkness to their home. Fin and Willy? Her throat closed just thinking about it. Fin, maybe, if they were still separated, but… she couldn’t show this to Willy. She couldn’t.

And so her feet and the rising howl of the night wind directed her to a certain bookshop around closing time.
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Akeem had been putting some order back in the shop when the doorbell chimed, and he looked over, breaking into a smile at the sight of the Fae. "Curnen, hello." He finished sliding a few books back into place, then turned back to her, his smile fading slightly as he focused on her. "Is everything all right?"
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Akeem had taken a few steps closer to her, and he curbed the urge to take her into his arms - for now. Another part of him wanted to tear into whoever might have upset her, but he was more accustomed to reining that in. "Let me close up," he told her quietly, briefly putting his hand on her shoulder before moving to the door, flipping the sign to closed and turning the lock.

"Would you like to tell me about it?" he asked as he came back to her.
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What did one say to something like that? Akeem put his hand back on her shoulder, sympathy obvious on his face. "Is Bliss all right?" His mind went to her first, as the only member of Curnen's family he knew, of sorts.
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"Is there anything you can do to help?" Akeem asked, afraid that the answer might be no, given the ocean that separated them. But he knew so little of what the Fae were capable of.
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Things sounded dire, in a rather vague sort of way, and Akeem was not sure what to do. But she had come to him, and there was one universal thing to fall back on. "Would you like to go upstairs and have some tea?"
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"Come on, then," he told her. It was a quick enough affair to close up downstairs, let them out, then lead the way to his flat. It was as homey, and slightly messy, as the first time she had seen it, and he gestured for her to make herself at home in the living room, whether she preferred to sit on a cushion on the floor or in an armchair. "I'll just put the kettle on."
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Akeem put the kettle on and came back to the lounge to find her fidgeting. "Would you like a hug?" he offered, holding his hand out to her.
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Akeem was really quite English, so hugs were not something he doled out casually. When he offered one, he meant a proper embrace, and given the state Curnen was in, he had hardly expected anything else than what he got: an armful of six-fingered Fae in dire need of comfort. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to the top of her hair. "It's going to be all right," he told her quietly, despite still not having a clear idea at all of what was going on.
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Akeem listened, thankful for the added details but still far from having the whole picture. But he didn't need to to be there for her. "But your... your people, they'll rally against her?"
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Akeem did not know what that meant, but one thing was clear: nothing was certain. Maybe things would not be all right. And what did you say to that? "I'm sorry," he said quietly, meaning to offer sympathy, not an apology.
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"Of course," Akeem nodded immediately, his arms still around her. "You can take the bed. It won't be my first time sleeping on the sofa."
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"Of course you can," Akeem told her sensibly. "Honestly, I can even sleep comfortably on the floor." Albeit not in his human form. "It's no bother at all."
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"You won't be alone," Akeem promised her, a vow he made to himself as well. "Do you want that tea?" It meant pulling away, but the kettle had long since boiled.
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"Come on," Akeem invited her to come along with a wave of his hand, rather than leave her alone in the lounge. "Remind me how you take it?"
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Akeem poured them both a mug, then held one out to her, and grabbed some milk and sugar to let her fix it herself.
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Akeem let her have her space, blowing gently on his spiced tea before taking a sip. He nodded slightly at her words, then voiced the sentiment with a quiet, "You're welcome." He paused, then offered, "Would you like to curl up somewhere?"
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"Like this, or the wolf?" Akeem asked, glad to forego his own tea if she would derive more comfort from his other form.
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Akeem saw from her reaction that he had surprised her, and realised that she likely had no idea how much control he usually had over himself, given the only time she had seen him as a wolf. "Come on, then," he accepted her answer with a nod, and took his mug with him into the lounge, holding an arm out for her to come with him.
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It was a good thing that Akeem's senses were a bit more than entirely normal, or he might not have picked that up. "I do hope you wouldn't have come here if you'd expected me to turn you away," he told her gently, drawing her close so they might walk over to a large armchair together.

He was not normally this tactile with anyone he knew so little, but Curnen was an exception, it seemed.
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"I would hate to disappoint," Akeem assured her, settling on one side of the large armchair, so that she had options to choose from. Beside him, on the arm of the chair, in his lap, whatever she was comfortable with.
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Akeem wrapped an arm around her shoulders and held her close, having no problem with the silence that settled between them. He stroked his thumb on her shoulder now and then, and sipped his tea. Once it was done, he would shift for her.

It was a good thing he had not had plans tonight.